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Capturing an amazing moment with my little brother

March 3rd, 2014

Recently I went out to take some pictures with my little brother Trevor and his (now fiance) Brittany. We had planned on just hiking around some abandoned barns in Washougal and take some updated photos of them together since it had been a while since they had gotten professional photos done together. 

We hiked around for a while and got some different photos here and there - but after a little while I could tell Trev was acting quite. Things got a little more suspicious when he started calling the shots. He asked me to get a photo with the barn in the background (wasn’t too terribly strange - just figured he wanted a photo with the barn. It just threw me a little bit since he usually just lets me call the shots), 

He then started playing music through a little portable speaker he had brought with him. At this point I kinda knew something was up so I prepared for anything. Then without any warning to me; he went down on one knee and proposed to Brittany. I instantly jumped into documentary photographer mode and started snapping photos. It was awesome not only being there to experience the engagement of my little brother and his girlfriend, but being able to capture that moment on camera was something special indeed.