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New Years Resolution

October 11th, 2010

Well I think I have found out what my new years resolution is going to be. With my birthday coming up later this week I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I tend to think of “new years” as each year of my birthday… It makes a lot more sense to me… it’s ’MY“ new year…(my 21st year on this planet, 22nd..ect..)

This year I think what I am going to focus on most is simply being there for close friends & family. I tend to be the type of person to have a million different projects going all at once. I tend to get so involved with these projects that I become extremely overwhelmed … but that doesn’t stop me… I just stack on project after project, constantly thinking to myself "If I cut out this aspect of my life I can fit in one more project.” Until I start cutting out the essentials… sleep, eating healthy, exercising and, above all, communications and relationships with my closest friends and family. 

I never wanted to be that type of person. I LOVE being involved in my projects and the art scene. But I’ve realized that this last year I have been stacking so much on my plate that I start cutting out what I feel I can afford to cut out…. the people closest to me. Under the delusion that I can afford to cut them out because they know me… they’ll understand that I’m busy and have lots to work on. But I’ve realized that isn’t true… and sometimes I just NEED to be there for them - bottom line. 

So that is what I plan on working on this year. Getting back to those basics. Sleeping more regular hours, eating healthier & regular meals, cutting out energy drinks to keep me awake long hours, and understanding that work is work and life is life and that I need to do a better job keeping those things separate. 

And I honestly believe that if I focus on these things, I’ll see improvements in both aspects of my life. So there it is! Nate’s 2010 & 2011 New Years Resolution!